Röhnisch is a Swedish family business that makes training and golfwear. It was founded in 1945 by Hellmut Röhnisch, Sweden’s first gold medalist in gymnastics. Hellmut was married to Margareta Röhnisch, who was part of the Swedish olympic gymnastic team in Berlin 1936. She later became Swedish Champion in curling, and hair dressing(!). The company first focused on gymnastics equipment and then expanded to include gymnastics clothes.

• 80's Röhnisch launches aerobics clothing.

• 90's We're first to introduce microfiber in sportswear.

• 1999 Our first swimwear collection hits the beach.

• 2002 The very first Röhnisch golf collection.

• 2006 Launch of +Plus series, generously sized clothing.

• 2007 The new RÖ-logo is seen on our sportswear.

• 2008 World premiere of Röhnisch Brand Store.

• 2009 Re-launch of website with e-brand store.

• 2011 The introduction of SunSystem equiped jackets.